Royal Care Standard - Possible cases of COVID-19

Royal Care Standard procedure to follow for possible cases of COVID-19

In the event that a possible case of COVID-19 is detected, an appointment will be arranged for the guest to see the doctor on duty. The doctor will determine if the guest’s symptoms match those associated with COVID-19 and if they do, will determine if hospital care is needed or if the guest can be quarantined for outpatient follow up.

The company must report possible cases of COVID-19 to the Mexican authorities, SECTUR(Mexican Tourism Board) and SESA(Quintana Roo State Departament of Health) inmediately. SESA is responsible for epidemiological control and for taking samples to send to the government-authorized laboratory so that the COVID-19 viral test may be carried out to confirm if the guest has the illness.

When the doctor identifies a possible case of COVID-19, the guest will be moved to a unit located in a quarantine zone assigned by the resort. He/she will be separated from the remainder of the occupants of his/her original room, who will also be required to self-isolate. If the possible case is a minor or needs help, one person will be permitted to accompany them in quarantine.

Possible or confirmed cases must remain in quarantine for at least 14 days or until the results of the COVID-19 viral test come back with a negative result. If this proves to be the case, all self-isolating guests may resume normal activities.

For their safety and that of all resort guests and staff, quarantined guests must remain in their assigned unit at all times. Staff will do everything that they can to make them feel comfortable and secure, attend to cleaning, serve food and offer other services that they may need, while taking all necessary precautions. The doctor will visit them every day to monitor their condition.