Royal Care Standard - Frequently Asked Questions

We ask all our guests to wear a mask in resort areas where it is not possible to keep a safe distance and indoors. This is for your protection and that of fellow guests and staff. You must use a mask in enclosed spaces such as the Activity Center, Kids Club and Spa.
The use of masks in public areas, on urban transport, in supermarkets and other stores is compulsory in Mexico.

All our staff must wear masks as they go about their work; some also use plastic visors and gloves.

All arriving passengers have their temperature taken and complete a health declaration form in the Airport. Upon arrival at the resort, staff take their temperature as they leave their vehicle. In certain areas of the resort such as the Kids Club and Spa additional temperature checks are taken as a precaution.

We are going above and beyond our rigorous sanitation standards with enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of public spaces such as restaurants, bars and convenience stores and activity centers.
High traffic areas and surfaces including doors and door handles, tables, counters, elevator buttons and railings are cleaned and disinfected repeatedly during the day.
Other measures include placing disinfecting mats at the entrances to the resorts and increased cleaning of the air-conditioning system.

We have added extra sanitation protocols and the use of EPA-approved products in our room cleaning regime, paying special attention to all frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches, remote controls, phones, appliances, tables and countertops. Mattresses, pillows and soft furnishings are cleaned and sanitized using electrostatic spray technology.
All rooms are sanitized before check-in. if you are changing from one unit to another please allow the housekeeping staff to proceed with sanitization before moving in.
Rooms are also deep cleaned after each occupancy, including the mattresses and air-conditioning ducts.
The guest must vacate the room while the housekeeper is working; this is to ensure effective cleaning and to enforce social distancing rules.

The cleaning products used at Royal Resorts are EPA-approved and will not affect guests with allergies.

All guests arrive wearing masks. They have their temperature taken, apply hand sanitizer and step on a disinfecting mat at the resort entrance. Their luggage is sprayed at the airport before being stowed in the van and again before it is taken to their room.

Guests also receive a complimentary sanitary kit in their room containing hand sanitizer, masks and disinfecting wipes.

All our restaurants and bars are open and operating with additional health and safety protocols, which include increased cleaning frequency, contactless menus, the use of masks by staff, social distancing, changes to restaurant setup, menus and buffet service (see the following question for more details).

All our restaurants have the Distintivo H certificate awarded by the Mexican Tourism Board for excellence in kitchen hygiene and food storage and preparation standards. However, we have introduced extra hygiene and disinfection procedures and boosted cleaning frequency during the day. All staff use masks and kitchen workers also wear gloves.
There are sanitizer mats and hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance to all restaurants and bars. We ask guests to wear masks when entering and until they are seated.
New seating plans allow for greater separation between tables.
All our restaurants offer a la carte menus and some also have buffets. Where buffets are still offered, service has been modified to reduce lines. Other changes include greater use of individual portions and more show cooking stations. A member of staff is on hand to serve diners as they make their buffet choices, instead of sharing serving utensils. In the case of some theme nights during the week, special a la carte menus have replaced buffets.
All menus are now contactless and diners can access them online by scanning the QR code displayed on the table or via the Royal Resorts App. If guests prefer a printed menu, disposable printed menus are available on request. Blackboards also list daily specials.

Buffets are still offered in some of our restaurants but with new hygiene protocols. A member of staff is on hand to serve guests as they make their dining choices instead of sharing utensils. Lines have been reduced, individual salads and meal portions are served instead of large dishes and there are more show cooking stations where diners can order grilled steaks and seafood, stir-fries, tacos, fajitas and quesadillas.
In some cases theme night buffets have been replaced with special a la carte menus including appetizers, soups and salads, main courses and dessert.
Restaurants that offer buffets also have a la carte menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Elevators are cleaned repeatedly during the day and the number of guests permitted to use them at a time has been reduced to four at Royal Resorts and two at Grand Residences Riviera Cancun.

Our Spas at The Royal Sands and The Royal Haciendas, the Villa Spa at The Royal Cancun and at Grand Residences Riviera Cancun are all open and operating with extra sanitization measures. All staff will wear face masks. Only two people may use the Jacuzzi and sauna at the same time.

The resort gyms are open with new health and safety measures. The number of people permitted in the gyms has been reduced and workouts are for a maximum of 45 to 50 minutes to allow for additional cleaning. All fitness machines and gym equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each use and gym wipes are available for guests to use.

We have increased the cleaning and disinfection of furniture and equipment in the Activity Centers and at the Kids Clubs. Both areas also undergo deep cleaning on Saturdays using ozone technology.
All equipment used in the Activity Centers, the Kids Club or available for sign out from the Sports Desk, including tennis rackets, golf clubs, balls, helmets, jackets, noodles, board games and toys is cleaned and disinfected after each use.
The use of masks is mandatory in the Activity Centers and Kids Clubs and there are hand sanitizer dispensers. The number of participants per activity has been reduced and signs list the numbers permitted for indoor and outdoor classes.
Kids Club staff will make sure that children follow hygiene instructions including social distancing, hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer. In cases of non-compliance, the parents or guardian will be notified and asked to collect the child.
Children will be divided into groups of four for each activity and will not be able to share toys or art materials.

Activity staff and guests must wear face masks and the number of participants for classes has been reduced to respect social distancing. Yoga mats, pilates balls and other gear is cleaned with disinfectant after use and sanitizer wipes are available for guests to give them an additional wipe down.
Social distancing floor signs are in use for yoga, pilates, zumba and other group sessions.

All resort sports gear such as tennis rackets and balls, bicycles, gym equipment, beach toys, board and video games, decks of cards and lottery cards are cleaned and disinfected after each use.
The Activity teams follow social distancing guidelines when organizing lottery and bingo sessions. As an extra precaution, they no longer hand out pens or stationery for guests to use.

Use your key card to charge purchases and tips to your room account instead of handling cash.
Download the Royal Resorts App for contactless options for check-in and checkout, paying your bill with a credit card and other services using your phone.

Resort guests may use the pools, the beach and swim in the sea. They should take precautions and respect social distancing where possible.
Sun loungers are cleaned and disinfected every day and are arranged on the pool deck and beach to ensure a safe distance between families.
Pool and beach bars are open and bartenders wear masks and plastic visors.

At this time the beaches are closed to the general public and this includes vendors. Only hotel guests are permitted on the beaches and respecting social distancing.
The use of masks in the public way is mandatory in Mexico, meaning that vendors will have to wear them when the beaches reopen.
Security guards are vigilant, however it is the decision of guests as to whether they engage with beach vendors or not. Beaches are Federal property in Mexico and Royal Resorts cannot be held responsible for incidents that take place therein.

You may call the Front Desk at ext. 171 to report symptoms such as fever, cough, headache or difficulty breathing. Medical attention is available at the first aid station. The resort will notify the authorities immediately and follow the Mexican Department of Health protocol on self-isolation, care and sanitation.

We monitor the health of our employees on a daily basis. Upon arrival at the resort, they pass through a health filter where they have their temperature taken, answer health questions, walk across a disinfecting mat and apply hand sanitizer.
Work stations and offices are cleaned repeatedly during the day, paying special attention to touch points, and are regularly sanitized using electrostatic spray technology. Office layouts have been modified to allow for social distancing. Employees may not share pens, office supplies and other utensils.
Training sessions and meetings are now conducted online wherever possible using video conferencing.
The use of masks is compulsory at all times and some staff also wear a plastic visor or gloves as they go about their duties. In guest service areas such as the Front Desk, travel desks and the resort stores, acrylic screens have been installed for added protection.
All employees have been trained in the new COVID-19 protocols, precautions and symptom detection and follow hygiene best practices such as regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer.
In the event that an employee shows symptoms associated with COVID-19, they must isolate immediately and notify their supervisor. The resort will report the case to the authorities. The employee is tested and contacts are traced. The quarantine period is 14 days.